The practice of competition and financial law

Competition and financial law practice is one of the most complex and creative, as it requires not only good knowledge of the legal framework, but also the ability to make non-standard decisions. Femida Legal Association is a team that is constantly looking for new ways to solve those or other problems. The team that is not afraid to take responsibility for own actions and is ready to implement complex projects.

Range of services:

– obtaining permits for concentration, concerted actions and support of client’s interests in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;

– advising on unfair competition and abuse of a monopoly position;

– representation of the Client’s interests in conducting investigations on violations of competition law;

– advising on public procurement at the expense of state funds and participation in tenders, appealing against the results of public procurement in administrative and judicial procedures;

– advising on compliance with currency legislation;

– legal support of financing, including in international financial institutions;

– support of factoring operations, obtaining a loan for business development;

– preparation of documents and legal support for the opening of credit lines;

– representation of the Client’s interests in negotiations with banking institutions on the coordination of lending mechanisms;

– representation of the Clients’ interests in disputes arising from improper performance by the parties of their obligations;

– consulting and support in matters of lending to residents by non-residents;

– support of activity of various kinds of financial institutions (credit unions, private pension funds, joint investment institutions, leasing and insurance companies);

– advising on conducting financial monitoring operations carried out by the Client, transactions by financial institutions and other entities of initial financial monitoring (notaries, realtors, auditors, accountants, etc.).

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