Support for execution of adjudication

Sometimes it is much easier to obtain a court decision in favor of the Client than to ensure its execution. Unfortunately in Ukraine, this is an axiom, which in the opinion of many lawyers does not need additional arguments. Despite the fact that the state is trying to create mechanisms to ensure the enforcement of adjudication, the situation in this area leaves much to be desired.

The most critical is the situation in the sphere of debt collection from a legal entity .., which was either “abandoned by the owners” or “discontinued activities”. Unfortunately using the gaps in the Ukrainian legislation, many unscrupulous businessmen allow not using the adjudication and in fact withdraw from the responsibility for not settling accounts with their counterparties.

Our team is confident that everyone should be responsible for their actions and be responsible for their actions as a leader, and debts must be returned.
For the last few years our specialists have ensured the implementation of a number of court decisions on debt collection, which both the executive and creditors considered hopeless.

In the process of accompanying the execution of a judicial decision, the following range of legal services is presented:

– consultation with the execution of the adjudication;
– preparation and submission of an application for compulsory execution of adjudication;
– Representation of the interests of the recoverer in the enforcement proceedings;
– search for the debtor’s property;
– seizure of property and money resources of the debtor;
– assistance in resolving issues related to enforcement proceedings;
– control of actions of the state executor;
– appeal against illegal actions or inactivity of state executors;
– support of the procedure for selling the debtor’s property;
– recognition of the results of public tenders as invalid;
– Release of property from arrest.

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