Practice of investment projects support

Investments are all kinds of values that are embedded directly in the objects of entrepreneurial activities for profit (income). Investments are usually carried out in the form of movable and immovable property, cash (including foreign currency), securities, copyright, etc.

Many world experts recognized Ukraine as a country with high economic potential. In case of making a decision on investing in Ukrainian projects,foreign investors need a company that will help to orient in the “muddy waters” of Ukrainian legislation and explain its differences from the laws of other countries. In order to ensure the security of investments, both domestic and foreign investors, the Femida Legal Association at all stages of the investment project provides full legal support of investment projects from the development of an investment program to the formation of an investment package of documents.

Range of services:

– organizational support of the investment project (correspondence, contracts, protocols, etc.);

– organizational support for the implementation of an investment project (creation of an optimal effective structure for the implementation of an investment project);

– improving financial efficiency (measures to minimize the cost of implementing an investment project);

– support of negotiations with representatives of local communities and local self-government bodies, public organizations, preparation and documentation of strategies to resolve conflicts and minimization of possible negative consequences;

– maintenance of relations with state regulatory and other bodies entrusted with administrative and audit functions;

– receipt and approval of legal and permission documents;

– support in conducting inspections by regulatory bodies.

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