Practice in the area of intellectual property

Today it is extremely difficult to deny the active development of the Institute of Intellectual Property and a separate branch of law. Every year, the number of business entities that are considering the legal protection of owned intangible assets, increases. It is the desire to protect and legalize the results of its scientific, creative and other intellectual activity testifies the faith of future right-holders that Ukraine as a country will provide them with reliable legal protection.

Femida Legal Association has an experience both in accompanying the procedure for issuing legal documents for the protection of intangible assets, as well as the experience of protection in the courts of violated rights. Our specialists have an experience in protecting infringed intellectual property rights in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the State Service of Intellectual Property, the Customs Service, the Prosecutor’s Office, etc.

Range of services:

– protection of copyright and related rights;

– the fight against the trade in counterfeit goods;

– protection against unfair competition;

– protection of Client’s interests from unfair competition;

– protection of rights to objects of industrial property;

– protection of industrial property rights in customs bodies;

– registration of trademarks, inventions, useful models, industrial samples;

– support of transactions related to the use/transfer of industrial property rights;

– franchising (commercial concession).

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