Practice in the area of business protection

Practice in business protection is one of the most difficult and less common practices in the Ukrainian legal services market. With the experience in representing the interests of large Ukrainian and foreign companies, our team has developed its own corporate security solutions which aimed to identify and minimise both internal and external threats to doing business in different sectors of the economy where our clients operate.

The practicality and efficiency of the decisions made by our team are based on the knowledge and experience in various spheres of management and areas of law. It should be noted that the business needs protection not only from the side of “unfair partners and competitors”, but also from unlawful actions of state bodies.

State authorities with control functions have the right to carry out scheduled and unscheduled inspections of enterprises activities in the sphere of their competence. Very often there are situations when officials deliberately abuse their powers in order to “execute a plan of fines” and conduct inspections exceeding their rights, using the fact that entrepreneurs are not always aware of the nuances of a particular inspection, with internal instructions that regulate the procedure of its conducting, and powers of those or other control and revision bodies.

Range of services:

– corporate audit;

– development and implementation of an integrated system of corporate security;

– creation a system of legal security of the enterprise;

– advice on archiving and storage of documents;

– development of methods of work with accounting and tax reporting in the part of information security;

– consultations on the order of visiting enterprises by officials, supervisors and law enforcement agencies, including clarification of the steps required by management in such situations;

– development of anti-market measures for business protection, namely protection of business from capture; protection of property from capture;

– assistance in resolution of corporate disputes, etc.

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