Judicial disputes and lawyers’ practices

There are cases in our life when the parties can not resolve their conflict independently and are forced to appeal to the “arbitrator”, i.e. to the court. The right to apply to the court is one of the main components of civil society and legal state. In Ukraine this right is guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine. At the same time, everyone has the right to legal assistance and representation of their interests by a professional lawyer in all court instances.

When there is a legal conflict between the parties, it is first of all to choose a highly qualified specialist in the area of law who, due to his/her knowledge and experience, will find the most optimal way out of the situation.

Femida Legal Association is a team that combines highly qualified and experienced lawyers and attorneys, who provide high-quality professional assistance in protecting violated rights and freedoms. It is a long practice and experience that allows our team to successfully solve the most complex conflicts in various branches of law, judicial authorities of various levels and professionally protect the interests of our clients in various government authorities in favor of our clients.

Range of services:

– drafting of procedural documents;

– representation of interests of legal persons in courts of different levels;

– compensation of losses and debt collection;

– infringement of bankruptcy proceedings, participation in bankruptcy proceedings at any stage, on the side of the applicant, bankruptcy creditor, debtor, founders, arbitration manager;

– appeals against actions and inactivity of public authorities;

– appeal of actions of fiscal authorities of state power;

– appeals against acts and omissions of executive service bodies;

– legal support of execution of court decisions;

– judicial and extrajudicial disputes regarding the enforcement measures;

– legal advices in the area of criminal law and process;

– support of the Client in “communicating” with law enforcement bodies (interrogation as a witness, carrying out of siftings and searches, other procedural actions);

– services of a lawyer in the framework of criminal proceedings (at the stage of pre-trial investigation), a criminal case (at the stage of judicial investigation);

– assistance in forming the evidence base, defining a strategy for protecting the interests of the Client, tactics of court proceedings;

– appeals against decisions on the selection of preventive measure and the provision of criminal proceedings;

– preparation of all necessary petitions, complaints and comments on the actions of the investigating authorities;

– services of a lawyer during representation of victims’ interests in criminal proceedings (cases): compensation for material and moral damage caused by a crime, preparation and filing of civil actions in the framework of criminal proceedings (cases);

– provision of appeal and cassation appeal against court judgments;

– complex support of enterprises and organizations, legal support of a lawyer during inspections by supervisors and law enforcement agencies (analysis of the legality of requirements for the submission of documents by enterprises, follow-up of interviews and interrogations of officials, the maintenance of specific procedural actions by law enforcement agencies at the enterprise);

– services of a lawyer for protection and representation in criminal proceedings related to economic crimes (belonging to the economic category: tax crimes, theft of property, false entrepreneurship, legalization (laundering) of funds obtained by criminal means, illegal business activities, smuggling, etc. );

– services of a lawyer for protection and representation of interests in criminal proceedings (cases), which are related to official crimes (abuse of official position, abuse of official duties, etc.).

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