Professional holiday of lawyers celebrate in Ukraine since 1997. This day was not chosen by chance – historians believe that it was on October 8, 1016, Yaroslav the Wise, issued the first collection of laws «Ruska pravda».

The word “lawyer” in Latin means – law!

The first public consultations began to be given by the high priest Tiberius of Corruption in 245 BC.

The first lawyers, in the modern sense of the word, consider the originators of Ancient Rome. At the time when there was a systematic law, the speakers were the people who spoke so convincingly that could convince the crowd in the innocence of his client.

During the existence of the church court, the lawyer had to protect not only people but also animals. The last known sentence for an animal was made in 1740. At that time, the lawyer was protecting a cow that was accused of giving away a village pasture. The unhappy “client” was found guilty and sentenced to the highest punishment.

The average vocabulary of a lawyer is about 15,000 words, for example, skilled workers 5-7 thousand, and farmers – no more than 1600.

From the 45 USA Presidents – 28 were lawyers.

According to the British futuristic agency Fast Future by 2030, one of the most popular and popular professions will be a lawyer in virtual law.

All those involved in Lawyer Day!
With us Themis, after us the Law!

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