Legal association “Femida”, as the representative

Legal association “Femida”, as the representative

Legal association “Femida”, as the representative of the plaintiff interests, on 08.08.2009 sued to the Dniprovskyi district court in Kyiv city against the OJSC “Insurance Company “Nova” on recovery of insurance payments, compensation for losses and compensation for moral damage totaling 144,934.36 UAH.

Only after filing a lawsuit to the court in September, the OJSC “Insurance Company “Nova” made a payment in the amount of 70,000 UAH.

On December 15, 2009 Dniprovskyi district court in Kyiv city  partially sued and withdrew from the OJSC “Insurance Company “Nova” 33,705.10 UAH as an additional payment to the insurance compensation; 3,000 UAH of moral damage; 10,000 UAH – expenses for the provision of legal assistance; 1,307.84 UAH of court expenses.

OJSC “Insurance Company “Nova” disagreed with such a decision and filed an appeal, after consideration of which on July 19, 2011 it was made a decision, which partially satisfied the appeal, namely: it was reduced the amount of insurance compensation to be recovered from the OJSC “Insurance Company “Nova” up to 10,928.43 UAH; costs for legal assistance – 6,256.9 UAH; court costs are set at the level – 1,004.14 UAH, and in terms of compensation for moral damages it was denied fully.

In such a way, given the fact that 70,000 UAH. (paid by the OJSC “Insurance Company “Nova”) were transferred only after filing the claim, the amount of funds, which the OJSC “Insurance Company “Nova” shall pay by the decision of the court in favor of the plaintiff, is: 70,000 + 10,928.43 + 6,256.9 + 1,001.14 = 88,186.47 UAH.

So, due to the efforts of the Legal association “Femida” 88,186.47 UAH was charged in favor of the Client.

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