The Legal association “Femida” will be the general partner

The Legal association “Femida” will be the general partner

The Legal association “Femida” will be the general partner of the V All-Ukrainian forum on PUBLIC LAW of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine, which will take place on July 1, 2016.

The forum participants will discuss the following questions:

  • Judicial reform and advocacy reform: what to expect?
  • Reorganization of the executive service: new opportunities.
  • The reform of advocacy: challenges and realities (Advocacy in government).
  • Litigation on the provenance of transactions carried out by taxpayers.
  • Tax inspections: effective court protection.
  • Trends of judicial practice regarding certain categories of tax disputes. Practical recommendations for consideration of disputes of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, particularly, in tax disputes.
  • Optimization of the tax burden.
  • The practice of the European Court of Human Rights on tax disputes, the latest trends.
  • Medicine, pharmacy, public health: current trends in the development of legislation and legal practice.
  • Implementation of medical practice: regulatory aspects (new Licensing conditions, peculiarities of accreditation of health care institutions, changes in the procedure for certification of medical personnel).
  • Protection of the rights of subjects of medical and pharmaceutical law by the constitutional and administrative procedure.
  • Forensic and medical examination: organizational, legal and procedural issues.
  • Legal regulation of the use of IT technologies in the field of medicine: current issues.

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