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Femida Legal Association is a team of young and ambitious lawyers and advocates with a long-term experience in the area of maintenance of the interests of corporate clients. Perfect knowledge of the ukrainian legislation, understanding of business processes that take place in the ukrainian economy, flawless professional reputation, observance of high standards of grant of legal services allowed to our company to occupy one of the leading places at the market of legal services.

Femida Legal Association is a team that is not afraid of difficult tasks and, on the contrary, gives preference to work on those projects which other legal companies have declined. Our qualification is confirmed by several independent business-rating, and also long-term experience at the market of legal services. We are interested in the success of our clients and we are faithful to the projects that we have been entrusted with. For us support and development of stable customer relations are important, so we are interested in development of long-term partnerships. That is why our clients are leading Ukrainian and international companies working in the field of trade, construction, investments, insurance, etc.
All legal services are provided exclusively by concluding agreements about the granting of legal services. We are sure that ukrainian legislation provides enough opportunities for protecting your rights, it’s just to be able to use it and formulate our legal position competently.

In our work we adhere to certain principles that help us to find the correct decision in the most difficult situations, and to our clients – to understand the priority directions of our company’s activity and feel that their problems are perceived as our own.

Basic principles of our work are:
– іndividual approach: there are no identical businesses;
– orientation to success: we always mark to our clients that there is a chance in any business, and even if the chance is insignificant, it should be used and try opportunities that “His Majesty the Law”gives us;
– quality: the lawyer must understand what he is doing, which purpose following, what effect expects and what risks exist;
– adherence to principles: Femida Legal Association is acollective, that does not compromise and does not look for ways to resolve issues that are out of the law;
– forecasting the result: having read the materials of the case, we evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, using our own experience, we derive a forecast for further developments;
– constant development: we never stop on the achieved;
– confidentiality: all our employees strictly adhere to the rules of business and professional ethics.
Femida Legal Association is a trusted team of experts,with what will realize the most difficult and successful projects.

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Social corporate responsibility

At Femida Legal Association, the approach to corporate and social responsibility is based on the clear persuasion that business must play an important role not only in the economic but also in the public life of the country.

The basis of our corporate social responsibility strategy is the following three spheres of life of the company and society:

  • educational: FLA lawyers constantly meet with students to talk about the most interesting practical cases, so that future lawyers would be able not only to receive theoretical training while studying but also to acquire practical skills;
  • communicative: Femida Legal Association constantly acts as the organizer or partner of various types of legal and business events where the main issues of the business are discussed and the basic principles of business and jurisprudence development are formed;
  • environmental: Femida Legal Association tries to maximize information technology and increase electronic data processing in order to minimize the use of paper in daily activities, and where it is not possible to avoid such use, the used paper is sorted and recycled.

We are confident that the combination of business and jurisprudence is a tandem that will ensure the development of Ukraine as a socially responsible and economically developed state of law.

Our figures
satisfied clients
win in the court cases the general sum of more than 1.7 billion. uah
million uah cash from debtors for client
legal support of
investment projects for the total sum of more than 450 mln. uah.
criminal proceeds has been closed at the stage of pursuit of investigation
more than
isputes decided at the stage of pre-forced settlement
Femida UA

FEMIDA.UA is an information and legal resource started by professional lawyers in order to cover the latest changes in the law, society and economy.

We talk and write about what you care about today and what is waiting for you tomorrow. (с)

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